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The Mushroom Kingdom had lived in peace ever since Bowser's plans for world invasion through the power of the Sacred Star were ruined by Mario and his friends. However, unnerving news from the neighboring kingdom of Shiverburn Nova reached her highness, Queen Daisy. With the royal flagship and her most trusted allies, she began the journey to confront Bowser, who had obtained a new kind of power that would ensure his superiority.

The episode begins with an assault to Bowser's palace. Can you solve the perplexing puzzles in the mysterious world of Shiverburn Nova and put an end to Bowser's plans?

* 4 playable characters (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Link)
* Over 100 levels
* Multi-phase boss fights and minibosses
* Unlimited lives
* Takes advantage of LunaLua and SMBX 2.0 features
* Main graphics by Sednaiur

Some comments about the episode from the SMBX forums:

"definitely one of the greatest episodes of all time, I'm putting it on my 10/10 list. this was a breath of fresh air after a long time,your work never ceases to amaze me." - TheNewGuy

"This episode is very very amazing, all the puzzles (especially the final ones) are really elaborate and really satisfy you when you find a solution. And the story is just outstanding, I almost forgot I was playing SMBX, and thought I was playing an RPG or reading a book! This is actually the very first time I feel bad for a character leaving in a SMBX episode (includes Mario Prime and LFFTMK (smol text to avoid unwanted spoilers)), it was very very very very good. Amazing experience." - 8lue Storm

Install instructions

The episode should be played on SMBX2 PAL engine.

Download SMBX 2 PAL here if you do not yet have it:


The episode CAN NOT be played on other versions of SMBX (1.3, 1.4, etc.)

Extract the episode .zip -file into the SMBX2 data\worlds -folder. Start SMBX2.exe and choose the episode.


Super Mario Enigmatic 2.zip 156 MB


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Wow looks cool! ill be sure to download!